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AS-C Attitudes towards high school

The knowledge and experience gain from high school plays an important role in student’s future life. Studying in international high school is a very good choice for students who are preparing for study in abroad universities. For example, Tiffany from As-c argues that this high school provides students international courses and encourage students to speak English in classes as well as in daily life. She thinks it is very important and suitable for students to improve our English writing, speaking and reading skills in international high school. The problem with this type of explanation however, is that does not consider that students should also learn knowledges about native cultural and improve writing, reading and speaking skills of native language. It is not enough for students to learn English well, as well as to learn native language and cultural.


Another attitude is that high school studies occupy students’ majority time every day, students have almost no time to cultivate their hobbies and do something for relaxing. For example, one of my friends Sheron indicates that she even do not have leisure time recently, since she has to take a great number of tests and she feels there is so many knowledge needs to be reviewed. She really wants to relax herself sometimes, doing leisure activities like traveling, watching movies and hanging out friends. However, there is no spare time for her and she feels really stressful for the coming tests. Nevertheless, students may should only focus on studying in high school for they could never be able to study in high school again. Moreover, there are lots of chances for students to do leisure activities in future.